The Luxembourg Statistical Society would like to invite you to the talk by Monica Pratesi on “Towards a framework to harness data by citizens: the Istat experience”. The talk will take place on Monday 17th April at 12:00 PM in virtual mode.

Monica Pratesi is Director of the Department for Statistical Production, Istat, Italian National Institute of Statistics


Big data, smart statistics, digital administrative data, and citizens are inseparable: from smartphones, meters, fridges and cars to internet platforms, the data of most digital technologies is citizen data, that is the data of the citizens and on citizens.

Their importance and their involvement ask for a thorough rethinking of the relations between the citizens and the production of official statistics. In the session we will focus on examples of the reuse of data generated by citizens on themselves (in processes like using services, making telephone calls or when they populate administrative archives during their lives as students, workers, retired persons etc.) to produce Official Statistics. Examples will use the statistical production process from the Permanent Population and Households Census, from the integration process of utility data files (e.g. electricity, gas) in the design of different activities, like for instance the Household Energy Consumption Survey or data collection on violence against women and on discrimination (LGBTQ+ population, Roma and homeless) conducted in cooperation with civil society organizations, also touching upon the issue of the reuse of privately-held-data in official statistics.

Practical information

Date: 17 April 2023
Time: 12:00-13:00
Place: online
Fee: free
Registration: please register by sending an email to Christophe Ley (Société Statistique Luxembourgeoise)

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