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The Luxembourg Statistical Society (LSS) is an association aiming to promote the use of statistics and its methodological developments, ensure that those who work with statistics, teach statistical practices and perform statistical research are well represented and cooperate with other organisations in the statistical domain.

Statistics and COVID-19

Download a first text of the LSS on the numbers published on the Covid-19

While COVID -19 is first and foremost a health crisis, it also challenges statisticians to represent the daily evolution of the pandemic in terms of positive test cases, deaths and cured cases. They are also called upon to make projections of the spread of COVID-19, primarily to help make decisions to avoid overloading hospital capacities.

What can the Luxembourg Statistical Society do in this situation?

First of all, it can help to enforce the instructions and decisions to limit the spread of the virus. The members of the Society come from different institutions (STATEC, LISER, LIH, University of Luxembourg, private companies, etc.), each of which is involved in one way or another in the Task Force set up by the Luxembourg research community. The SLS welcomes the creation of this Task Force which aims to coordinate all research activities and scientific work related to COVID-19 and calls on its members and even all non-member statisticians to contribute to the work of the various working groups created. A specific and separate activity of the Society does not make sense in this context.
Nevertheless, the Society will endeavour in the coming days to assist in a better reading of the data and statistical analyses related to COVID -19, to follow with caution the published international data, as the collection methods and the quality of the latter may vary enormously from one country to another.