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The Luxembourg Statistical Society (LSS) is an association aiming to promote the use of statistics and its methodological developments, ensure that those who work with statistics, teach statistical practices and perform statistical research are well represented and cooperate with other organisations in the statistical domain.

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Organisational committee of the 2013 Conference that led to the creation of the LSS

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The Generalized Inverse Gaussian Distribution in Statistics
  • On March 8th 2018, a lecture will be given by Angelou Koudou from the Université de Lorraine.

  • Talk will be held at LISER at 18:00 in English language.

  • Send an email to

  • Abstract (EN)
  • This talk is divided into two parts. We begin by showing some examples of use of the generalized inverse Gaussian (GIG) distribution in statistics. The second part of the talk discusses the (unsolved) problem of a possible use of the so-called Stein's method in deriving rates of convergence to the GIG distribution.

  • Scanner Data and Indices of Consumer Prices
  • On march 21st 2018, Claude Lamboray , Head of Unit “Price statistics”, STATEC will talk on Scanner Data and Indices of Consumer Prices.

  • Sampling theory
  • On mai 31st 2018, Yves Tillé Professor of Survey Statistics at Université de Neuchâtel will give a lecture related to sampling theory.